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    I am flagged as someone who answers questions about branding on Quora. Most questions are from tyro branders.  “How important is brand marketing? How can I promote a Balsami rice in a local market?  When an interesting question comes up, I jump. I love furthering the science of brand strategy.  It’s a most human science.

    The first thing I tell everyone is: Branding begins with the product. A good product will sell. A bad product will not repeat sell. An average product may sell. Everything about branding starts with the product.  Songs, color, ad budgets, and market share do not build a brand. Good products, promoted in an organized way, do.

    Just as amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle, brand strategy provides building blocks for successful brands.  Finding a product’s best features and most desired features is the brand strategist’s way forward. If you can’t find the best, most desired features, you are working on a bad product.  Fix the product. Period. Re-cut the bait. Find new bait. Don’t mess with a bad product.



    i vs. Smart.


    There are two brands in the mobile phone business iPhones and smartphones. In the U.S. and U.K. the “i” is winning.  In the ROW (rest of world) the smarts have it. Smartphone is a generic term and more often than not includes phones with Google’s Android operating system. That said, most people just call them smartphones not Android phones. 

    As Microsoft starts to improve its standing in the U.S. with its own Windows phone operating system (7 or 8?) it, too, will probably be referred to as a smartphone.  Remind you of Mac vs. PC? 

    What I enjoy about branding – way more than using paid media to display my ideas in market – is to listen to the market, hear how it speaks and thinks, and use the market’s own language to  gain conversation.  iPhone is paid, smartphone is organic. Mac is paid. PC is organic.

    Xerox is paid and organic.  

    Apple is a lovely brand.  It has taught the world how to design and market. The world is catching up. It needs a new I, me thinks.  Peace!