Cell Phones and Geico’s Next Business.


Buying a cell phone is not easy.  It used to was (sic.) Not long ago they all pretty much did the same thing. You put one in your hand and liked the heft, the form, the look. There were Ericssons, Nokias and Motos. But now there are at least 10 hardware providers to choose from and so many models, shapes, sizes and features it makes your head spin. Even the kids can’t agree. They all have different phones. Where’s the Marlboro? The PBR? The Ed Hardy of phones?

And talk about feature creep? I can see taking pictures. That’s important, so long as you can zoom, which is a feature I can never seem to find. Change the resolution and the whiteness I can do, zoom I can’t.  Little videos are cool but I’m not likely to use them. I just want to upload my Reverend Al ringtone (from his 2004 convention speech,) text and be able to hear in a full duplex mode (still not available.)

Since no brand or manufacturer has really risen to the top and since no one model has captured the imagination of the public, the feature creep will continue, phones will get more expensive and the only winner will be Geico, who will be smart enough to come up with a consumer-friendly, cost-effective insurance plan for all the “losers.” I lost one to the washing machine recently. Peace!

PS. I’m buying the LG Chocolate 3 tonight.