Deloitte “2009 Tribalization of Business Study” Boil.


The just published Deloitte “2009 Tribalization of Business” study positions them as a leader in this very fertile space — certainly as a leader among the big consulting companies. Here’s a boildown on the findings.

Telling enterprises to build “communities” or “social networks” within the company is a hard sell. The words here matter and currently connote the wrong things.

The people most comfortable with current enterprise “worker nets” are the Millennials and mega nerds. Some successes in terms of efficiency improvements are being recorded by these companies but the clean-up batters aren’t really participating and that is the tipping point challenge.

American enterprise and individualism is keeping people from sharing, for fear that others will take credit and they will not benefit financially or career-wise. “Me first, company second.”  This needs to change.

Social Business Design (coined by the Dachis Group) is the best definition I’ve heard so far for this technology and behavior pursuit – a pursuit that will alter business as we know it. It may not be long before Social Business Design becomes an acronym. (A shame said the junior high kid within.)

These are exciting times, and I’m glad Deloitte is doing good research work here, with this second study on the topic. Tomorrow, tune in for some ideas about how to get the clean-up hitters involved. Peace!