Hellman’s “Eat Local” Campaign.



ContagiousMagazine.com has a neat story today on a Hellman’s Mayonnaise campaign to publicize the growing consumer trend to eat local. The campaign is up and running is Canada. Eating local food – food not trucked or flown in from hundreds or thousand of miles away – may not always make economic sense, but it makes environmental sense. Locally grown food is fresher, tastes better, provides local jobs and keeps transportation emissions and energy consumption down.


Have you ever tasted a pepper or lettuce from your own garden or a bass from local waters? The improved taste is not psychological, it’s real. So will Hellman’s mayonnaise taste better on a locally grown tomato?  You bethca. Not only is Hellman’s doing the right thing with this new “Eat Right. Eat Local” campaign, they are doing the tastes better thing.  I mean would you really want to put Miracle Whip on a tomato that’s two hours off the vine?


Good job Hellman’s. It’s a fine cause and an important cause. (One minor quibble, money raised from the campaign shouldn’t go toward improving the quality of life in Canadian cities. Put it into farms.) Peace!