JWT’s Postcards For Royal Caribbean


JWT got some nice press in The New York Times today for its new TV campaign for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  JWT send a bunch of employees on cruises with video cameras and editing equipment and asked them to chronicle the adventures of passengers then traffic the spots to TV stations in near real time. The film is wonderful, the writing fine and performances lovely. Sadly, there is no lightening in the bottle yet but it could come. 


As for the larger campaign idea “The Nation of Why Not.” it’s not very evident. This is another example of a tactic (real time documentary commercials) driving the strategy.  One might say that the 80 year old woman using the zip line, supports the Nation of Why Not idea, but the rest of the spots are typical resort, travel stuff.


Overall, though, I say good job JWT.  If you believe in the “Nation of Why Not” and let it be your compass, you just might find the serendipity you are looking for out there on the deep blue sea. As a drunken mentor once told me "Sometimes the idea to have an idea is more important than the idea itself." Peace!