Kaplan University’s Revolt


I watched a good ad on TV the other night that really caught my attention. About Kaplan University, this :30 was extremely well-written and nicely produced. See the spot here. It was powerful, gripping and true…a trifecta. At the end though, past the promise of "a different kind of university,” I felt a little cheated to find out it was an online university. Cheese factor.

Today, I read a bold print ad by Kaplan on the same idea, but it is a little more focused. It discussed the notion that traditional graduate education is not available to everyone and how it is sucking talent out of our economy. The headline reads “Every year in the United States billions of dollars’ worth of talent goes to waste. What does that mean for you?”

I love revolutions and that’s what this branding idea and this advertising is all about. The product, price and educational experience had better deliver, though.  Revolutions can go both ways. 

The agency is  Ogilvy, so says the blog Make the Logo Bigger.  Great work! David would be proud.