Marketing’s Tripartite System.


The business of marketing is and will continue to be a tripartite business: marketers, marketing agents and media. The lines may blur every now and again and some companies will try to bypass one of the players to save a buck, but the system will endure. 


Microsoft purchased aQuantive and Razorfish to see if it could get into the marketing agent business and now has decided it can’t and is selling Razorfish. Smart move. Marketing agent Anomaly is trying to become a marketer and will enjoy some modest success, but they are more likely to make their bones giving independent counsel to makers of products and services than change the system.


At Cannes Eric Schmidt and Maurice Levy agreed to play better in the sandbox…but there needs to be a little friction between media (Google) and agent (Publicis) for everyone to make money. Friction and conflict keep everyone on their toes.


Media will change. Ad agent tools will change. Products and services will change. The tripartite system will march on. Peace!