Super Bowl’s Boorish Ads.


Was it me or was there an awful lot of violence in the Surer Bowl ads last night? One glaring example was the spot where octogenarian Betty White was tackled in a Snickers spot and  Tim Tebow’s mom was tackled in the next spot. 

Then there was the flying Dorito piercing the neck of the snack thief, a spot where everybody kept hitting or slapping each other (I’m still beside myself with laughter) and an assortment of other “people tackling people” spots. I’m no prude, but this was just boorish.

Is this the result of the violent video game phenomenon — where the lowest common denominator for the American target is slapstick violence?  Granted, there were lots of commercials that did not use violence as a humor device in the Super Bowl last night.  And I know football is a violent game, but how many kids are going to slap one another at school today and giggle as a result of last night’s body of work? Most people will think I’m overreacting but those at the women’s shelter won’t. A pretty embarrassing night for me. PEACE!