The “H” Word.



Ever since my kids were old enough to talk I’ve taught them not to say the “H” word. It is one of America’s favorite words, yet it is one of our most insidious. Hate. “I hate broccoli” was always met with “Don’t use the H word.” In our house the word hate was viewed as worse than a curse.


Though I’m not big on parenting other’s kids, I heard myself saying don’t use the H word yesterday to a child at a graduation party. It had been a while, but it reminded me of how I used to do it to my kids — with a big, surprised smile on my face.  When I said it to a 6 year old in front of his uncle, the uncle had my my back. The boy kept quizzing me “What’s the H word? Hell?  


If everyone played my game with kids and meant it, we could start something really big. Words do matter. Try it sometime. Please. Peace!