What’s the idea with IBM.



I blasted Enfatico and Dell yesterday for a campaign idea that isn’t…and today I see one that is. It’s from IBM. Both campaigns operate in a similar space. Dell is teaching us that individuals can make a difference in business by “taking their own path.” IBM, with its new campaign, teaches us that people can make a difference on the planet by assembling and using data in smart ways, under the rubric "think."  The Dell approach uses borrowed interest while IBM’s uses core brand values. The way technology insinuates itself into these stories will impact the companies respective bottom lines.


 IBM highlights global problems like healthcare, drinking water, traffic, congestion – all fixable with smart data analysis and machines. Dell uses warm and fuzzyish people stories outlining personal and professional change, which even in India where the campaign is breaking, is just not right for the times.

I wonder if IBM regrets selling the ThinkPad brand? When this campaign works and if IBM steps up, Lenovo might just be back in the fold before you know it. Think.