5 Hour Energy. When Extra Strength Kills.


I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a spot for 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength. Say what??? This is a business mistake caused by a branding mistake. 5 Hour Energy is already perceived as extra strength. Hell, it’s in the name. 5 hour Energy was a category-busting product in one of the fastest growing beverage areas around, according Beverage Digest. Sure you can improve the flavor and add new citrus punches and the like but by introducing extra strength it neuters the regular brand.

This is not to say product management shouldn’t have been looking for ways to expand sales, they should. Just not at the expense of the master brand. They would have been better off launching a newly named, newly formulated product. Not, though, like Monster who has 30 +brands.

There’s pushing the envelope and ripping her open. I believe Extra Strength is a case of the latter.