master brand

    Master Brand Planning.


    On this planet there are thousands of brand planners. Most work at ad agencies. Lots work at small boutiques. And like me, hundreds and hundreds, either through ageism or salary-ism, have been pastured. No matter their station, the lions share of brand planners work on projects. That is to say, the main brand has been planned and the strategist is asked to handle a particular sub-effort: perhaps an ad campaign, service launch/relaunch, web initiative or demand generation program.

    At What’s The Idea?, I/we (not a gender thing) work upstream of so-called projects. I create brand strategy for the master brand. That is, I work on the organizing principle for product, experience and messaging. The organizing principle that drives all projects.  

    With the master “brand claim and proof array” out of the way, brand planners working at the project level have a big head start.  As do product development people. Product management. And more importantly, executive management. And please don’t suggest this in anyway curtails creativity. Quite the opposite.

    A powerful brand claim and proof array becomes the money that goes into the bank. Revenue is revenue.  Everyone has it. But a powerful brand strategy – at the master brand level – undergirds every successful brand. For examples write Steve@WhatsTheIdea.