Process and Pricing

What is a Brand Strategy?  A brand strategy is an organizing principle that guides product, product experience and messaging. It consists of a single consumer/business claim and 3 proof planks. Together, the claim and proof planks tell a unique, business-winning story marrying what the brand does best with what customers want most.   

The Process: What’s the Idea? uses two primary intelligence gathering tools: 24 Questions, focused on revenue, margin, product and lifecycle — a tool developed in conjunction with AT&T product marketing — and a proprietary battery of Executive and Sales Interviews designed to elicit corporate, brand and competitive insights. In addition, What’s the Idea? uses primary and secondary research, opinion leader interviews, competitive intelligence and consumer attitude research. (Primary quantitative research will be estimated separately and add to the timeline.)

Timeline: Typically, interviews are completed within 2.5 weeks. Strategy development is underway weeks 2-4, with a presentation of the brand strategy week 5. Should the need arise for a meeting to share and discuss interim findings that would happen week 3.      

Deliverables: The brand brief is three-to-four page document identifying current brand position, brand objective, target, role-of-product, rationale, brand strategy and supporting evidence. In addition to the brand brief, What’s The Idea? will deliver a one-page claim and proof document that acts as the framework for all marketing and communications, building long-term brand and market value. (Examples available upon request.)  

Price and Timing: The cost for an engagement is $22,500. The completed brand brief and strategy are expected to be completed in 4-5 weeks from approval of the project.

Invoicing: Clients are invoiced ½ the amount prior to engagement with the remainder upon completion of project. Note: Should the scope of the project change at the behest of the client, requiring more hours than were originally estimated, it will be brought to the attention of hiring company before any additional hours are expended.) 

Expenses: Expenses incurred will be billed (net) upon completion of the job. Expenses include travel and out-of-pocket charges associated with discovery and research. Charges in excess of $100 will be submitted for approval prior to being incurred.

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