A Ride Sharing Growth Opportunity.


I bet if you parsed the records of Uber and Lyft you’d find that millennials comprise the lion share of users.  A good early adopter strategy. As their parents begin to see the value, they add accounts and the universe broadens. I, for one, have an Uber account but have not yet used it, yet a number of my friends have.  Do you know which market segment is really ripe for the picking? 80 year olds.  There are about 18 million US men and women over 75 years of age and they like to go places. They like their independence. Many are driving cars. Cars with door dings, abraded paint, and aching side view mirrors.

This senior market is perfect, but for the technology. How about a landline telephone interface? A special GPS chip, like a grocery store swipe? Cash payment options? Seniors like a deal, so perhaps Uber and Lyft might consider special blue plate pricing specials.

As the ride sharing category gets more competitive, players will be looking for low-cost ways to grow market universe. This one is a no brainer.