A Tribe Called Share


In the hummus wars there are two brands Sabra and Tribe. The former owned by Pepsi has 30+ points of market share while Tribe has 7%. The former has a name connoting Middle Eastern cuisine and chick peas. The latter has a name that, contextualized, points to a market. Maybe. The former has Pepsi the latter has Ellis Verdi and DeVito-Verdi.

I’ve had farm stand hummus made the night before that made me melt. I’ve had hummus from the fridge with a faded sold by date that made me yearn for processed Kraft slices.

Store bought processed hummus is not a product with great variation in taste from one brand to the next. So branding is important. Hummus sales are growing like a dookie in the U.S. and Tribe wants it unfair share. DeVito-Verdi will put Tribe on the map. The new campaign, which I have not seen, will give them an idea. It will make them a part of the conversation. It may even contain a selling point or two, e.g., healthier for you. But this is a commodity market, and if you want to be part of the conversation, you want Ellis (and Sal).

Marketing executives care about share. They care about their advertising. They also care about public opinion. If you can live a little on the edge and need to ring the cash register, give DeVito-Verdi a try. 

Market share in the hummus wars is about to change. #heardherefirst. Peace.