Adding Flavor to College Apps.


Tufts University added a third dimension to its application process recently — YouTube video submissions — and it’s a wonderful idea.  Very today. For too long the college application process has been 2 dimensional: grades (SATs and high school GPA) and the essay. Before I sent “Princessa” off to college, I read a book on the process of application approvals from the perspective of the admissions officers.  It suggested that the essay was the dimension that really brought the student to life.  If the essay does that (or doesn’t and just lies there), think about how a video might add flavor?

Some kids test well.  Others write well. Some communicate in yet a third dimension: through humor, visual improve, debate, and/or the more creative arts. Providing a YouTube video as an addendum to the application helps these  kids shine. In business, we hire people based upon their resume, experience, writing style and face-to-face interviews. In the case of college applicants, admissions offices and student teachers often put applications in piles A (in), B (out) or C (bubble) without ever having met the student. Tufts University is helping change that. Brilliant third dimension kids who once slipped through the cracks, will no longer.  Peace!