Amazon, the next big bank?


The logged and tagged workplace, an insight I mined and packaged for a client last winter, delves into the interchangeability of  personnel at corporations. There once was a time companies used knowledge workers for what they knew. In the logged and tagged workplace, everyone’s work product is accessible, shareable and archived.  Well, this is not just an idea for the workplace anymore.

Facebook and Google, are among the leaders in analyzing and selling consumer data to marketers. In their world, online behaviors are viewed at a microscopic level, providing the ability to serve ads on a one-to-one basis.  Much of this is based upon behaviors — things such as likes, locations, visits, cookies and last pages viewed. Also data scrubbed with picture tags and social networks used. But you know all this.

So what if rather than tracking logged and tagged behaviors, we tracked what people actually purchased? The hell with the soft measures, let’s go for the jugular. Who owns that data?  As cash becomes less relevant and retailers become more accepting of debit cards, which by the way are now experimenting with monthly fees, banks are the true owners of the transactional holy grail. 

Here’s a thought.  Who better than Amazon to be the next big bank?  And not a bank that makes money off of money, but one that makes money off of information. Think about it. Peace.