An idea for Dell.


Dell Computer, once a darling of the stock trading world, has for a long time now gotten all the small stories in the business pages. Readers of the paper paper will note Dell is rarely on the first page of the business section and articles tend to be 2 columns by 5 inches.  Now Dell is trying to take itself private in the hope that they can start to make some tight money.

Here’s a big idea.  Create a buy-back program. Most every Dell I see these days is a big old clunker. Square, grey, hardish corners and tired. I’m specifically talking laptops now. People using these Dell laptops are pretty much branded “my company is not killing it” or “my company is not edgy.”  Every time a consumer sees one of these laptops, it besmirches the Dell brand. It creates a withdrawal from the brand bank. By buying back these geezers and paying, say $25 per (or making a donation to a charity of same amount), Michael Dell will be updating the company image.

Do the recall under the guise of recycling, or gifting 3rd world countries but to revive the Dell brand these puppies need to be off the street. Next.