Apple should retire the iPad2.


Technology marches on and that was evident yesterday in San Francisco when Apple announced “the new iPad” (not iPad3 as some expected it to be called). Taking the hottest product on the market and improving it almost before it has had a chance to massify is an exciting Apple tactic.  That’s vision stuff — without the vision marko-babble, i.e., doing rather than saying.  But here’s the rub – and it’s a little rub.  Apple should retire the second generation iPad which it is now pricing at $399. That would be very Jobsian if you ask me.

Innovation and design should never be put on hold – for a company like Apple it’s a step backward.  A second best iPad priced a hundred dollars lower encourages consumers toward the wrong behavior. Yes, it gets more people into the market and increases market share, but it’s a marketing tactic for challenger brands not leaders.

My 2 cents.  Peace!