Brand Planning Sets You Free.


Following a successful pitch a number of years ago, I was told we won the business because we were bold enough to suggest keeping the previous agency’s tagline. According to one board member who had been with L’Oreal, this was unheard of in the healthcare industry.  The brand strategy we pitched was perfectly in synch with the organizations existing tagline, so why get rid of it?  The problem was, the incumbent agency’s advertising wasn’t proving the tagline.  Their ads were communicating and informing but not in an organized, brand-building fashion.

Marketers have to find a brand promise, believe it, live it and invest in it. It should be supported in news, trade shows, retail, ads, Adwords, tweets, etc. As a client once said to me, all communications need to make deposits in the brand bank.  Not random deposits — planned, meted, brand-differentiating deposits, based upon a brand plan. A brand plan is hard to make but simple to follow.  It comprises a claim or promise and three discrete support planks. Prove the promise through the planks every day – in messaging and product development – and you will build your brand and market share. The brand plan sets you free. Peace!