Branding… A High Road Pursuit.


There is a fearless Federal judge in Ohio taking on all participants who earn money as a result of the current U.S. opioid crisis. His name is Dan Alan Polster and his strategy is to get a group settlement and correction of the law fast. Nothing is fast in law; it’s how people get paid — so this is refreshing.   Rather than have the opioid crisis drag out in courts, Judge Polster is hoping to make big progress in days. In fact, today might be the tipping point.

One tenet of Judge Polster’s approach is captured in his quote from today’s New York Times: “It’s almost never productive to get the other side angry. They lash out and hurt you and themselves. I try to get the sides to think it through as a problem to solve, not a fight to be won or lost.”

Brand strategy, done well, is never angry. But I must admit to having written some that are combative. A mentor once asked: “Who is going to lose the sale you are trying to win.”  It’s a  question every planner and marketer must ask.  Yet the idea to replace anger with problem solving is genius — in adjudication and brand strategy.  

Marketing is where acts of war may happen, branding is a higher road pursuit.