Campbell’s Tomato


cambells tomato soup

There are few things you will find in the grocery store less expensive than Campbell’s Tomato Soup. The can must cost more than the product after you factor in the promotion budget.  An ad for this wonderful American product appeared in my newspaper yesterday and it made me applaud.

A picture of a scallop shell floating above a clear blue sea contained a smidgen of salt crystals. The headline read: “We searched the world for the very best sea salt, and found one so naturally flavorful…” The headline finished at the bottom of the page printed atop a rich bowl of beautiful Campbell’s soup “…it helps us use less salt.”

This is ad craft at its best. Leveraging the known: Campbell’s soup is a great value. Overcoming an obstacle: Inexpensive soups are thought to contain lots of salt.  And elevating perception of taste and richness: Sea salt.

I’m sure the salt is from some unattractive location like Algeria rather than say Fleur de Sel from Brittany France, but that’s economics so the salt provenance is left out. Campbell’s and its ad agency, either BBDO or Y&R, have done a masterful job of selling a product that some might consider low-interest. Nice work. Peace!