Carbon Carbon Everywhere.


What’s the idea carbon footprints?

The Coke vs. Pepsi argument has always been about taste and marketing. Some say the taste difference is hard to tell. The difference maker has long been the marketing — the words, songs and colors. Today, Pepsi has found another means to change the game: It is looking into the carbon footprint of its products. First out of the box: Tropicana orange juice.

Now this may seem irrelevant today and it may even seem a little off-message, but believe me carbon emissions are important and will grow in importance. So much so that Coke will need to match Pepsi very soon in its efforts.

Carbon emission, it will turn out, are not only bad for the planet but for individuals health. As China and India start selling $2500 cars without catalytic converters, emission will grow at unprecedented levels. And health issues will become quite noticeable. Like asthma in the Bronx. In years the "haves" (have low emissions) will be fighting with the "have nots" (high emissions).  Carbon neutral companies will very much be in favor. Their products will actually seem to taste better and perform better. Peace!