Cars and Legs.


I always admired Fiat as a car company that made,what I call meep-meep cars. Little four wheelers that zoom around Europe, emitting cartoonish horn bleats. I love how Fiat bought Chrysler bringing a small car mentality to the Jeep and Chrysler brands. But as gas prices have come down, America’s addiction to SUVs and trucks has ticked up.

There is a direct correlation between American’s health and their use of cars. The number of obese Americans and the number of cars per family are aligned. We don’t walk anymore – not until we’ve had a heart attack. Or some other sort of health scare.

God forbid a mom or dad should walk to the store with a wheelie basket and shop for groceries. If s/he does s/he’s either destitute or a hippie. We need a making walking cool again. It is cool. You get to interact with people. You get fresh air which is good for lung health. You’re doing aerobic exercise.

Two things that will help individual and planetary health are smaller cars and walking. No brainers. I think we’re shopping for smaller car this weekend. Perhaps we’ll walk.