Christmas, there’s an app for that.


Okay, there’s not an app for Christmas but there will be one for Christmas shopping.  You know how hard-to-shop-for people “Oh, I have everything I need”? It’s often true.  So how do you find a nice gift that they really want? That they like and need?  Big data.

I was watching Robert Scoble interview some big data dude yesterday on the web and the interviewee happened to mention that soon there will be 100 times more data available about consumers than ever before.  Once available, you will know I get Good and Plenty in my stocking, a rock and roll tee shirt from my kids, and shirts from my mom (16.5 neck).

It is enjoyable to find the perfect gift for the right person, but it is hard. I smell an app. The app won’t average a person’s demographics it will actually know consumption behaviors. Wear out and maybe even refill speeds.  “Dear Mr. President, please don’t collect private information on the populace – unless it’s to buy better gifts.”

Peace on earth!