Dell Daimler


What does a page go for in the Wall Street Journal.  Michael Dell do you know? 

Dell has started what appears to me to be a new campaign about its business services. The first ad up is one highlighting the DaimlerChrysler Corporation.  Here’s what I learned:  Dell is working with Daimler (that’s news I guess). Dell helped them work in a more efficient way (benefit). They are in direct dialogue with Daimler (I would hope so). And they offer managed service (outsourcing), server solutions (duh), and 24/7 support (they probably have pagers).

Though one could say the ad contains some information, I would place this ad in the “we’re here” category, which does little more than tell consumers what you sell.

My guess is the copywriter had no clue as to the crux of the Dell/Daimler relationship and, frankly, it smells like he or she never left the copy department to find out. Worse, this may even be an ad developed by Dell in-house. Either way it is lazy work.  How many laptops do you think Mr. Dell has to sell to pay for a 4-color page in the journal?

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