Detroit, anyone home?

Is everyone in America as excited as I am about the Chevy Tahoe being demoed at the Consumer Electronics Show that drives itself? Without a person in it? It is expected to be ready for commercial release within 10 years. I’m so excited I could wet myself.
Good old US automotive ingenuity — hard at work. And aren’t you glad General Motors decided to showcase this important technology with the gas-guzzling Tahoe rather than, say, a more energy conscious car that would encourage Americans to drive more efficient vehicles?
I don’t know where you live, but regular gas in NY is about $3.30 a gallon and rising. And it’s going to go way higher as a new generation of people from China and India buy $2,000 cars and start demanding more gas in Asia. But at least we’ll be able to look forward to cars that drive themselves in the next decade. Whoo hooo. 
Detroit, pardon me, but would you please pull you head out of your collective trunk and start building some more energy efficient cars. Doofuses!