Digest This.


Steve Rubel writes in his Micropersuasion post today that on the Web "text is king." It’s searchable, scannable (quickly perused), easy to forward, and works well on mobile platforms. This fits perfectly with my thesis that today’s media habits are ADD-driven. For instance, this weekend I was reading an article in the newspaper about school budgets and realized my high school basketball team had a game the night before. I stopped reading and picked up the laptop to search out the score.  How many times have you been reading something interesting and wiki’ed it online?  How many meeting are you in that are stopped by people answering phones or texts, or Blackberry emails or IMs? James Patterson, the leading fiction writer in America, writes 2 page chapters. Wall Street Journal articles are shorter by 20%. Technology puts media in all its forms at hands reach putting our head are on swivels.

That’s why text is king. It is easily digestible, searchable and burstable. It also feeds our ADD behavior.