Emo Girl Podcast


Martina Butler is Emo girl. Her podcast (http://emogirltalkwp.podshow.com ) is recorded weekly, interspersed with an occasional vidcast. Keep an ear on her, she’s cool. Martina spoke this past week at Mashup 2007, a youth marketing conference, so I tuned in and gave her a listen.  She talks about everything and nothing. Emo girl plays music, voicemail, and around. She’s fun, on color, eco-friendly, coquettish and totally today. Martina is a raging, singing, giggling success.

One of the neat things about Emo Girl is she doesn’t know how many listeners she has. While most kid entrepreneurs are into that sort of thing, she doesn’t seem to care. She was quite proud, however, that big cosmetics corporations have come a calling. She’s in it for herself, her friends and her soon to be friend listeners. The business side doesn’t drive her.  The program is "her" and that’s what makes it fun. Martina talks about butts, ecology, movies, what’s hot, who’s hot and Harry Potter (more butts.) She and her podcast friend Peter Jacobsen, occasionally take to the road with a video camera, and do entertaining stuff.


This is user-generated-content at its best. For young adults looking for stimulation outside of television, podcasts are a growing form of entertainment.  


At Mashup 2007, Emo girl was just one of 4 teenagers who spoke on an entrepreneur panel; she was the least accomplished speaker. (Imagine being 17-years old and being asked to speak in front of a room full of adults.) But put her behind her podcast mic, and she’s radiant. Authentic.