Engineering Preference Part 2.


Preference is a branding word you’ll come across in many books, briefs and meetings. It can’t be taught – not really. It must be experienced. Interest in a brand can be piqued through teaching and learning, but preference is a result of purchase, use and reuse.

The role of the brand strategist in creating preference is an engineer’s role. Engineers are all about science. Repeatability. They are builders and designers. Certainly, creativity is involved in engineering but at its most basic level there is structure. A solid foundation upon which to build a thing or output. Not a lot of spaghetti slinging in the engineering department when it’s time to build.

Brand strategists also operate at the foundational level. Creating preference with logic, science (proof), and synapse firing.  And we do it with an organizing principle that limits and hones strategic governance. In my case it’s with one claim, three proof planks.

One could argue that Miller Lite used two claims in its launch: “Tastes Great, Less Filling.” I’d say the claim is less filling/lower calories. As for three proof planks?  They are the reasons to believe, arrayed in a way that can be processed by the human mind – the law of three.

If you are a brand strategist you are also an engineer. Forget not.