Evolution, marketing and Bumpus Mills, TN.


Some evolutionary changes – Physical:

  • Our fingers are getting smaller and more supple.
  • Our thoraxes are growing smaller in length and girth as the things we digest become more processed and prepared.
  • Our brains are getting bigger, causing brain cases to outsize the female pelvis, raising the rate of Caesarian sections.
  • Our eyesight is getting worse as we smother ourselves in commercial light and don’t need eyesight to “naturally select” food sources.
  • Our teeth are losing enamel due to a diet requiring less vigorous mastication. (Girls with gum don’t count.)
  • Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are growing, thanks to our overuse of pills.


Some evolutionary changes – Marketing:

  • We don’t read print ads because we have been conditioned to know they are blather 8 out of 10 times.
  • We’ve become inured to the lexicon of selling – especially the twenty most paid for words.
  • The clutter of choices available to consumers is so great often the best “package” wins.
  • The medium and the message have become more important than the product.
  • The convenience of hunting and gathering has become so great, our collective asses are too big for our jeans.


And lastly, because of the marketing evolutions stated above, we have ceded control of brand management to social voices in Peoria and Bumpus Mills – which is like letting one cell in the body make the decisions for all. Peace it up!