Gaming the young.

My son, a high school senior, has recently found the love of online gaming as have millions of other teens. Like it or not, gaming is here to stay. One of the most eagerly awaiting games releases, Spore, hits the street Friday.  From Electronic Arts, Spore is a game that allows users to play in and with the primordial evolutionary ooze. Did I just write “play?”  I most certainly did.  What is the fastest way to teach kids the laws of natural selection? Give them a copy of the “The Voyage of the Beagle?” Nope. Give them a game. 
Experiential learning is more effective than rote memorization. It’s a fact. It creates muscle memory.  Teaching kids complex concepts through gaming will be the next big thing. At first if will be done heavy-handedly, but soon will be done well and become fun, and when it does watch the transformation. Now, it is for the innovators to cross the chasm.
My idea for a worthwhile smart game? The process of preparing for and selecting the right college. Scholastic or College Board would be great underwriters. Peace!