George Foreman as an Accessory.


I was reading today about a New Year’s resolution type of promotion by the people who bring you the George Forman Grill.  It’s not George Foreman, by the way. (He sold out at the right time.) The promotion gives away $2,500 a couple of times a year to a person who loses the most weight using the George Foreman grill. 

Weight Watchers and others in the weigh loss space will tell you this is the time of year to push weight loss, as many diets start after the new year, so for George Foreman it makes sense to do this now.  I refer to this as the pent up demand approach.  What smart about the promotion though, is that the grill is not a weight loss product or program – it’s a weight loss accessory. Something one can buy, unlike a Jenny Craig membership or elliptical machine, that is not a direct part of the weigh loss solution; rather it is part of a behavior change that encourages weight loss. Dieting is perhaps the most common and futile exercise known to man. But behavior change, that’s different.

Grill your food rather than fry it and you are taking a baby step. And it’s not an onerous step, unless the food tastes bad.

Advertised weight loss programs are pregnant with negative overtones. Villainously so believe some consumers.  Dieters need to feel in control. And accessorizing is a smart way to go. Peace.