Hayden Panettiere Next Season.




What’s the idea with Heroes?  One of NBC’s biggest revenue generators, Heroes has been losing audience for two years now. The rub, supposedly, is that the plotlines are getting too complex and the growing number of show characters is making the program harder to follow.  Add to that all the science fiction twists and the program becomes hard to watch for first-timers and less loyal viewers. Plus the sci-fi genre on TV is getting nauseatingly crowded.


I don’t watch a lot of Heroes and don’t know too much about the talent and their respective Q scores (popularity scores,) but I’m going to borrow a page from the program and jump to the future to say there will soon be a spin-off about the life and times of Claire Bennet. Claire, portrayed by Hayden Panettiere, one of TV’s hottest properties, is the feisty cheerleader and commands lots of attention.  NBC knows it and viewers know it. With story lines closely tied to her character and her own show, think Jack Bauer meets Gossip Girl, Claire will generate some seriously strong numbers for NBC in 2009-2010.


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