Just Another Tuesday.


Yesterday I had two meetings that excited the heck out of me. The first one was in NYC with a geotechnical and foundational engineering firm nobody knows. Okay, maybe 10,000 people know them.  The office looks like any other: water coolers, file cabinets, a library, cubicles, some offices, an oversized printer. Young men and women tread the halls with folders and laptops in hand. You might think your were at Razorfish or JWT. What is cool about the place is that this firm is the premier engineering firm for what goes below ground to undergird huge building structures like the new Freedom Tower. There’s very little they don’t know about soil, pressure, rock and water. If you are taking a building down and you are afraid the neighbor’s building might be compromised, these guys are your first call. With over 100 year history in NYC, their foundations are keeping the city standing upright. To walk through the offices? Just a bunch of smart people.

My other meeting was with a healthcare company that is changing the way healthcare is ministered. The current model of healthcare is to pay physician to treat the sick. This group is paid to keep patients healthy. Before you get diabetes, this group of physicians wants to catch it. Before your grandma falls and breaks her hip, this group wants to remove the loose rugs. Walk through their office and you’ll see PCs, coffee machines, cubicles and other nondescript equipment. Just a bunch of smart people. Saving lives.

The first company was a hundred plus years old, the second about 4. One company is rock steady, the other fluid and evolving. Both have strong leadership, good culture and serve markets with pend up demand. There is an amazing amount of good in the commercial world, you just have to pay close attention. Peace!