Kid Nations at War


If you’ve heard about Kid Nation, the new CBS reality show beginning in September, you know it has been discussed recently in the press because of parental concerns about how the kids were treated during production. The show sounds like another installment of Survivor, this time with teens and tweens. Check out a promo video of the show at:

I may tune in, being a big Survivor fan, but it looks like a weak, predictable premise. It did, however, inspire an idea related to the war in Iraq. How about CBS stage a season of shows in which 40 kids try to solve the morass that is Iraq?   Let’s have America soldier kids get together with Shi’a, Sunni, and Kurd kids and try to find a way out of the conflict. Add to the group some America contractor kids (lots of them), a smattering of (What were they called?) coalition kids and some outside, fanatical sympathizer kids and see what they come up with as a solution?
It would not only be good television, we’d probably have 40 survivors and an ending.
Are you listening CBS?