Labor Day is a federal holiday dedicated to the celebration of laborers. Much of the labor movement revolves around business operations. Wages. Healthcare. Retirement. Fairness. Fast food workers across the country are participating in work slowdowns as a result of these issues.

Much focus in business today is operational. And financial. Without good operational fundies, businesses regress.  But good fundamentals without purpose do not great businesses make.

America’s brand, if it were a brand, would be freedom. That’s what we’re known for. It’s our guiding light. Freedom is the first word non-Americans use to describe us. But life here has gotten so complicated and economically-focused we’ve lost a little sight of our brand. We’re too focused on operations. Similarly, companies, without missions, without purpose, fall into the same trap and have diluted brands.

The best CEOs and C-level executives don’t allow this. Laborers need a mission. Building a strong purposeful mission, a strong brand, makes labor a little less like work and a bit more aspirational.  A thought. 

Happy Labor Day.