Micro Vs. Macro


The digital age and big data have created two divergent schools of marketing: the one-on-one message tailored to the data trails of consumers, and the big idea which attempts to insinuate itself into the culture through drum beat exposure.  Of course, the latter has to be an idea with resonance; most are not.

We are still learning how to handle the micro approach and have a long way to go.  Our ability to map consumer twitches toward a transaction and put valued content in their way is a good first step.  That said, it’s complicated, layered and can be more expensive – which is what agencies like, more things to build. 

As for the macro approach, marketers and agencies have gotten lazy, falling for over-production and flat non-confrontational ideas. Most of these so-called flat big ideas lack poetry. The famous Volkswagen Darth Vader spot was brilliant advertising, but I just can’t parse the strategy. So where do they go next?  Another Darth Vader episode?  

This is not an either or thing. We need both micro and macro. They can and should work together. But plotted on an X-Y chart showing strategic values and competitors, these efforts must cluster tightly. Around a brand strategy.  For a presentation of some sample brand strategies, with micro and macro legs, email Steve at whatsthe idea.