Netflix for the Older Set.


Netflix is creating content specifically for teens and tweens, a group it feels is being underserved from a broadcast/streaming point of view. Contrarian that I am, I would go the other way. I would attempt to develop programming targeting 70 year olds and older. This is an age segment that probably indexes low for Netflix streaming service and a big opportunity zone.  They’re a lot more sedentary, with lots of leisure time and own reasonable, albeit, fixed incomes.

I hooked my mom up with Netflix not long ago and it didn’t work. Too much tech. With her 3 remotes and low patience threshold, it was a poor experiment. But she’s 85. And she is often heard to say “There is nothing on TV.”  She has seen every episode of Mad Men.

Netflix should not forget these people — who invented the golden age of television. They should program for them, create a nice (in-home?) service package and growth subscriptions by significant numbers.