OrderNet of Things Plus Apple Watch



When the OrderNet of Things meets the Apple Watch look out. The OrderNet of Things is a term referring to Amazon Dash Buttons —  internet-connected buttons that allows people to reorder consumables like Tide and Pampers. The Dash Button is affixed to an area where the product is consumed, so use is a reminder to refill. Como se smart?

apple watch

As developers or the Apple Watch team understand this use and refill behavior and create watch applications, the refill business should really perk up. It’s going to be a basic but killer app for watches. We will still have to figure out ways to aggregate orders so they do not show up at our houses in separate boxes, delivered by separate gas-guzzling vehicles, but that’s a second stage problem. Perhaps one click on the order app hits a shopping cart that waits until 4 PM (and other orders) to be delivered. That’s a PeaPod or Amazon thing. If Apple creates the app and charges a penny a click, it may be a billion dollar revenue stream. Always thinking.