Social Cookie Net

Pepperidge Farms part of the Campbell Soup family is pushing cookies today using social networking ( They are not buying ads on Facebook or Mypace (I love calling them that,) but creating a social network through which woman can meet other women, connect and – get this—improve their social lives. They have a connection curator by the name of Sally Horchow who wrote a book on the subject offering up lots of connection-related content.
This shit kills me. It is a classic example of the marketing tactic de jour. In the yearly planning meeting someone senior says “We need something new this year. What’s hot? Social networking? Let’s do it.”
Do you remember way back when and some unknown kid would come up to you and say “Wanna be my friend?”   Dohhhh!   
Marketers who set up social networks to sell product and veil it with an objective of “improving lives” are destined to fail. People are social. Networks are technical. Cookies are cookies. 
Sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year and constantly remind your guests and friends what brands they are eating.  “Butterball is the best. Pepperidge Farm stuffing is so moist. Mrs. Smith’s Pies are the sweetest. Love that Land O Lakes Butter? Isn’t Gravy Master grand? Pass the Jolly Green Giant Beans. Just watch the improvements to your guests social lives and count how many come back next year. Listening Facebook?