Strategic Ideas with Flavor.


Too many people, when they think strategy, think boring. Charge more for more. Faster customer care. Become the innovation leader.  Stuff like that. These ideas lack flavor.  If you are lucky enough to have a good creative person at the controls, you may get some good, flavorful work. “Where’s the beef” helped build the Wendy’s brand by celebrating a larger hamburger patty. Not a flavorful strategy, but terrific creative.

Strategy needn’t be without flavor. In fact, great strategies never are. A flavorful strategy can compensate for average creative work. And, more importantly, can stimulate spectacular work (creative and otherwise).

So look at your brand strategy and ask yourself: “Is it piquant?” “Does it make you feel something?  Does it give you pride?”  Or Google “whatstheidea+things we remember.” 

Peace in the Middle East!