Technalysis Paralysis


So I was reading today how natural gas has passed coal and nuclear as America’s number one power source and how planners are looking beyond gas to solar and wind — two remarkably perfect energy sources. As planners are drawing up grids and plant plans for natural gas, some are actually getting gas wondering if they’re investing in yesterday’s technology. (They are.)  Perhaps, they are even wondering if in 12-years, these new forms of electricity generation will be obsolete. (Wondering when electricity will be obsolete.)

This makes me wonder if our country and the ROW (rest of world) will eventually move from national infrastructure choices to local infrastructure choices.  The angst over investing is the wrong technology not only keep moms and dads from buying the wrong television or car, but it has to extend to urban planners.

Rather than make a national commitment to an energy source, one might think it would be easier to make a smaller more localized commitments. Technology is evolving so quickly, it may paralyze nation-states to make decisions.  

Will local government’s gain more strength? Me thinks so.