The Fish Store.


I was driving through Bayport-Bluepoint, a south shore of Long Island village, over the weekend and passed a relatively new, tall gray clapboard building with a neat flatfish logo, named The Fish Store. By its name and the look I assumed it was an upscale fishing store – a place to by poles, line, fighting chairs. The biggest paper sign in the window said in little letters “Now” and “Orders” with the large word “TAKING” in between. Driving by quickly, I misread the word as “tackle.” Context is everything.

Turns out, after a second drive by, this was a retail fresh fish store and take-out joint.

I often discuss the importance of context in branding; this is a case in point. Poor store design, signage and naming. All rolled into one. A name with seafood in it may have sent a quick message to passing consumers. Or the word “fresh.” Some architectural, lighting or retail signage detail would also have helped. Flounder 7.99/lb, for instance.

For unknowing consumers passing through town, this place broke all the rules.

If it looks like a duck…Peace.