Things we carry.


If you are a guy, think about all the things (Did you see the Ting Tings on New Year’s Eve?) you carry around with you each day. Cell phone, house and car keys, wallet to hold a drivers license, credit cards, cash, wrist watch, business cards, checks, and maybe a pair of glasses, if you haven’t had lasik, a pen. 

Now let’s move to your backpack or messenger bag: sunglasses, laptop, jump drive, more business cards, pencil, iPod, chap stick, gum, iPod charger, cell phone charger, Bluetooth or hands free device. 

As for the stuff women carry, multiply by 2.

My prediction for the year 2009 goes to the stuff we carry. There will be less of it.  There will be a consolidation of stuff we carry. Already, my car keys are wireless and never leave my pocket. I only wear a watch because I’m a geeze. My phone can take 8 gigs of music, but I use my iPod because I’m lazy. The stuff in the wallet can all be digital and will be in a couple of years. The cell phone and laptop will collide. And let’s face it, someone is going to invent gum that freshens the breath and hydrates the lips. It’s inevitable. Peace!