Twitter is not for coupons.


coupons sheet

In a meeting this past summer a young account manager working at a brand design firm asked me about Twitter. “What do you use it for?” He was of an age, late 20s I’m guessing, not known for heavy Twitter usage.  Lots of business people are asking the same question today – especially as it relates to brands.

Here’s how I use Twitter: My Twitter persona is me. It’s my personality. I blog daily about marketing in the hope of getting smarter, sharing thoughts, instigating discussion and, hopefully, create relationships that will generate da monies. Not being a great or polished writer, I use the blog more for idea sharing and insights which, unfortunately, sometimes come across as pedantic with a little “know it all” mixed in. Sorry about that. It’s about 40% me.

Twitter is 100% me. I have more fun on Twitter. I’m a more complete person. It shows my politics. Musical tastes. It may not capture the cur dog I am in real life, but it’s a pretty accurate view. And that’s what Twitter should be to brands. Not a coupon house. Not a freakin’ smiley face, obsequious customer care person. The real brand.

McDonald’s social strategy is “Deepen and enrich the brand’s relationship with consumers through knowledge, sharing and entertainment.” If that strategy is carried out and governed by the brand plan in a compelling, timely manner (timely is key) it can be an amazing tool. It’s early, but Twitter will change marketing as we know it. Peace!