“Hey, go get Arrington.”

Zude.com is a social computing platform that allows anyone – grandmas to geeks – to build and manage a website. Our tagline is “feel free” which implies Zude’s limitless web publishing promise. This grandmas to geeks idea was created by our PR agency Spector and Associates. The suit strategy was “the fastest, easiest way to build and manage a website.

Our CEO and CTO were demoing Zude at Web 2.0 Expo in 2006 for Robert Scoble , who was broadcasting live over the Interent with some sort of hat-cam, when in the middle of the demo he yelled to a friend, “Hey, go get Arrington, he’s got to see this.” It was a validation of the Zude strategy. A “peak experience” in marketing as Maslow might say.
I was just reading the back story about Piers Fawkes creative consultancy, PSFK (www.psfk.com), and realized his defining moment came when Anheuser Busch called for some advice.  These signal moments are what marketers live for. They are why we get up in the morning. They are proof, of has “an idea.”