“The Internet Newspaper.”

The Huffington Post’s tagline is “The Internet Newspaper.” It’s awful.  Unless Arianna Huffington plans to removes herself from the masthead and make the property more selfless, the HuffPost should not water down its brand meaning with this lazy tagline. 
Using the word “newspaper” as a contextual reference is a mistake. Ms. Huffington can’t compete there. And who would want to? Newspaper ad revenue is down over 9%. Adding the word “Internet” to the line doesn’t make it any better.
The Huffington Post is a post — a place for people to post; staffers and non. It has its center of gravity, as does the Drudge Report, and should build around that gravitational pull. Ms. Huffington needs to look within, recognize what makes her property unique and different and deliver more of it. Becoming an internet newspaper, if that is indeed her mission, will only dilute the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post IS an online news and opinion property. What it DOES (the brand promise) is less well articulated. A tag that highlights the “pull” is needed.