A new kind of ad agency.


In the business world today, putting operations and applications into the cloud is a business-winning idea.  Companies who do so don’t have to spend money on hardware, software upgrades, and training.

In the advertising business, agencies haven’t yet figured out to cloud-ify their services so that small and mid-size companies can partake. You see there is s tipping point at which many smaller companies decide it is cheaper to have an in-house group do their advertising, collateral and digital.  And agencies are leaving a lot of money on the table as a result. And we all know in-house groups are average at best.

So how do agencies use the cloud-based approach? How to they provide great work and a favorable price for clients unwilling to fork over $15-20,000 in monthly fees?  

I think the answer lies in jettisoning the relationship building part of the equation. It’s overrated. If we let fewer people touch an assignment, if we have a tighter brand strategy so the craftswomen aren’t staring at a blank pieces of paper, if we collapse the process the right way, efficiency will happen. As will better work. Perhaps electronic market records (think  electronic medical record) would also improve understanding and value.

I’m not talking crowdsourcing here, I’m talking about a fluid, cloud-based shop, with great people, less hands, less cost and better work.  Tink about it (as my Norwegian aunt might say.)Peace.