Analysts Need To Chill About Twitter.


twitterAnalysts are disappointed that Twitter’s quarterly revenue was up 74% and missed “expectations.” Last year this quarter revenue was $250 million. This year is was $436 million. Your right analysts, that sucks. I can smell the stench from here. Moreover, goobers in the financial field are calling for Dick Costello, Twitter CEO, to be fired. This scares me deeply.

Who is running the show here? I understand it was Twitter’s idea to IPO and they cast their lot with the sharks, but 74% growth, delivered with apologies for slow user growth does not make Twitter a dog.

Twitter is not a stock. Twitter is a world changing, future changing app. Let’s take a breath. Twitter is to social media what penicillin was to healthcare. Twitter is the Google of social media. This 140 character application has loosened up Iran (Green movement), brought down corrupt governments (Egypt), shared natural disasters in real time (China quake) and certainly saved lives. But it didn’t hit its projected earnings because some ad platform underperformed? Are you kidding me?

Please leave Twitter alone. Please allow leadership to innovate at a proper rate and modulation. Please keep the financial analysts away from arguably the best app on the planet. By your leave…